27 November 2008


I sincerely apologize for not writing in a while. I have been under constant stress and cannot seem to concentrate on those that matter to me. School has been an utterly challenging journey thus far. I have been dedicated to my studies and my side job, just to help pay for my tuition. It seems as though one of my priorities needs another in order to continue. Though, I promise I shall update you all with what goes on in my life. This is just an apology blog. Oh, and happy thanksgiving.. I am currently enjoying a lovely tofurkey. I honestly cannot wait until this Saturday, for the M83 concert. It shall be amazing, with my constant a.k.a. Katie Evans. Cheerio.


caraway said...

i love the songs you have on your blog.

love, caraway. =)


Haha, aw thank you love.
I really appreciate those that love my music taste.