20 October 2008


As I am writing this, I am laying comfortably in my bed with a coffee mug full of hot cocoa and blankets laid over me to keep the heat from escaping. I have blatantly discovered that many people in this world are rude and very much impolite. I am not judging everyone, but the majority of the characters at my school are surprisingly the opposite of how you would imagine them to be.
This morning, I was walking out of the library, and I could see a blind girl with her walking stick trying to open the door. As I walked closer to the door, a rude girl (busy texting away on her iphone) just opened the door, causing it to hit the blind girl's face. I was shocked and couldn't believe what had just happened. I asked if she was alright and if she needed help. She was fine.
Drivers, are completely out of my text. They do not even deserve the space to be mentioned on my blog. They are rude, selfless idiots, I must say. Most of which: do not signal, cut others off, and/or talk on their cell phones while driving, completely aware of the newest law regarding mobiles to be attached to a bluetooth.
If you are rude, please leave.

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strife said...

you have only touched on something that is a much larger, and growing problem in our world. but being aware of it is one step in solving this huge problem. disrespect and self centeredness are all part of the downward spiral of our society :/